Product of the Month - Babushka's Beetroot Relish

Thu, 1 Aug 2019

BABUSHKA’S BEETROOT RELISH   available in 2.2 kg,  5.5 kg and 11 kg tubs

Fresh beetroot, simmered with tasty spices, horseradish and wasabi. Great with roast beef.  For a quick lunchtime treat, spread a fresh roll with Danish feta or cream cheese and pile high with Beetroot Relish.

Serving Suggestion - Steak with Beetroot & Horseradish
Use thinly sliced sizzle steaks.  Sear in a very hot pan.  Toast thick slices of bread, spread with a little horseradish cream and top with the seared steaks.  Smother with Babushka’s Beetroot Relish and top with sliced tomatoes and lettuce.