Product of the Month - Dukkah

Mon, 1 Oct 2018

DUKKAH  available in 1.0 kg and 5.0 kg tubs

Dukkahs are made from roasted sesame seeds and almonds, ground with a delicious blend of aromatic spices.   Traditionally dukkahs are used as a dry dip.  Break pieces of turkish bread or fresh, crunchy rolls, dip into a light flavoured olive or canola oil, then dip into dukkah, making sure you get a generous coating.  Then eat and enjoy.

A deliciously, fragrant mixture of ground, roasted nuts and seeds.  Try coating chicken tenderloins in dukkah for a nutty change from breadcrumbs.

Dukkah with a very healthy kick of garlic.  Try rubbing a lamb roast with Sticky Fingers’ Rosemary & Garlic Oil, then patting on a coating of Garlic Dukkah before baking.